Vertex Business Services

Vertex Business Services delivers a complete portfolio of transformational BPO, IT and professional services developed solely to meet utilities industry challenges. These offerings help over 50 electric, water and gas utilities better manage their customer relationships and bring efficiency to their critical operations. As the market leader in Customer Management Services for utilities in North America, we employ approximately 1,700 people serving clients through 12 centers of excellence.

61_ourcompany2-228x300At Vertex, we help utilities deliver a world-class customer experience. This is all we do and it pervades our transformational business process outsourcing services, our customer information system development, hosting, and implementation practices, and our analytics and consulting businesses. We know that today’s utility customers expect more than a monthly bill in the mail and a customer service rep available by phone, and we have both the expertise and experience to help utilities deliver that perfect customer experience.

Utilities today recognize that their customers have become accustomed to a new level of customized, “always on” customer service through a variety of channels, and increasingly expect this same level of service and personal touch from their utility provider. Vertex knows that utilities today have a tremendous opportunity to make real-time, optimized decisions around customer management by leveraging the vast amount of data increasingly available through a multitude of communication channels such as customer contact centers, social media, mobile interactions and online chat. Additionally, Vertex works with utilities to incorporate business logic into the transactional data flow between the customer information system and customer touch technologies, enabling much smarter decisions to be made real-time during the customer interaction.

Vertex runs customer-facing processes on behalf of many of our utility clients, and helps others improve their own customer-facing systems and processes. Our business outcome-based approach ultimately allows our clients to maximize both their profits and their customer satisfaction.